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Free Activity eBook For Toddlers/Preschoolers!

Everyday Activities For Children Of Busy Moms! My mini eBook provides 8 activities/recipes that you can set up in under 5 minutes with supplies that you have around the house. Download my FREE eBook today! 

"The best eBook for when I need a quick idea for my son."
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Stefanie D.

What’s in the eBook:


Who is this eBook for?

“Everyday Activities For Children Of Busy Moms” is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. And mom who don’t have hours to set up fun activities at home.


How can I get the ebook?

Click on the eBook image above and it will direct you to the download page. Or simply click here


Do I have to print the ebook? I don't have a printer.

Absolutely not! You can download it and open the PDF file whenever you need an idea for an activity. 

What supplies will i need?

Each activity shows a “supply list” with the supplies that you will need. I limited the supplies to things you will find around your house. 

How long do these activities take to set up?

All of these activities can be set up in under 5 minutes. Perfect for busy moms!

Do you have more activities available?

You can find playdough mats for sale in my store. Plus, I share more activities on my Instagram daily. 

Free Digital Resource Library!

Gain access to my FREE Digital Resource Library today! Find lots of free activities, worksheets, and weekly meal planners for you and your kids. 

Free Coloring Pages For Kids

Simply download and print my free coloring pages for kids. I will upload more coloring pages every week. 

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

Find my Easter Basket Ideas here. Lots of ideas for under $20!

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More Activities For Kids!

These are a few of my seasonal kids activities. Check out more activities here.

And Activities For Bilingual Kids!

My children are bilingual, German/English. We create fun bilingual activities on a monthly basis! Find the best bilingual activities here

The 10 Best Types of Bilingual Toys!

These toys promote language learning. Perfect for children 2yrs+!

Plus, find some traditional German activities for kids. 

Expat Living

I’m sharing how I’m successfully raising a family overseas. While focusing on my children’s bilingual journey. Also, learn why I believe that my foreign accent is my asset!

Motherhood Advice From A Mom of 2!

I’m a mom of two children. In fact, my kids were “2 under 2!” I’m sharing my daily mom advice with you here. Plus, my favorite kids products!

Best Services For Busy Moms!

Find the best services for busy moms here. These will make your life easier, so you can spend the quality time with your family that you deserve. 


…I get paid to shop for things I already buy. As a mom of two, I’m constantly buying new clothes, so I appreciate any extra savings I can find! I actually deposit the checks into an account we don’t use and we use it to help pay for vacation each year! – Crystal S.

Money Saving!

Find lots of coupons and deals that will help you save money!

Support Group For Foreign Moms!

Being a foreign mom can be tough. Rasing a family without any support isn’t the easiest task in the world. Check out my support group! We are here for you.

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