Valentine’s Day Activity For Children: Learning about patterns!

This is an easy-to-setup Valentine’s Day activity for children. Including a free worksheet!

Valentine's Day Activity

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Help your children to learn more about patterns and how to match them. Matching and completing patterns is an important skill to have for Kindergarten!

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How to set up this Valentine’s Day activity?

  1. Download and print the free worksheet below. Download link in “Thank you” message.
  2. Get some hearts and/or stickers (we used both).

How to play this Valentine’s Day activity?

  • Put the worksheet on the table and set up the first pattern.
  • You want to put the hears and stickers down in the first column of the worksheet. You can decide what pattern you want to start with. I would suggest starting with an easy pattern.
  • Then, have your child match the pattern by putting down the same pattern in the column next to it (2nd from left).
  • When done, start a pattern (3rd row) and have your child complete it (4th column).
  • Have fun!

Tip: This worksheet gives you the opportunity to set up different types of patterns. They can be easy for younger children or harder for older children.

Why are patterns important?

Recognizing a pattern is an important skill for children who enter Kindergarten. Completing patterns isn’t an easy task and it takes some practice for children. This activity is easy to set up and it will help your children to be prepared for Kindergarten.

Preparing for Kindergarten!

Preparing your children for kindergarten doesn’t have to be boring or a headache for you. I will do the preparation for you. All you have to do is set up the activity and have fun with your children.

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