Shades Of Orange: Learning about different shades!

Learning about different shades of orange! Does your child know all the colors and is bored with simple color play? Take it to the next level and learn about different shades.

Shades Of Orange: Learning about different shades! 2
Learning about different shades of orange.

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This “different shades of orange” activity, is easy to set up and will keep your child engaged for a long time! 

Supply List with our Favorite Products:

  • “Big book of colours” Usborne Book – Our family loves Usborne Books. This color book teaches children about different colors and different shades of colors. My daughters love the color wheel. (optional)
  • Big paint bottles – If you are looking for larger bottles of washable paints this option will last you a long time.
  • Small paint bottles – If you don’t paint as often these smaller bottles will be more than enough for this activity.
  • Large Paper – These Melissa & Dough are our favorite easel paper pads. This is a pack of two and it will last you quite some time.
  • Markers – These washable markers are great for kids. Those markers also come in a pack of two for a good price.
  • Brushes – Those Melissa & Dough brushes are great for small hands and easy to clean up.
  • Paint Platte – I have been using ours since college. It’s been holding up great.
  • ToothpicksYou will need the toothpicks to mix the colors to create different shades.


  • Put your large paper down and open your Usborne book to the orange side of the book. Draw a few of the objects onto your paper with a black marker. (If you don’t use the Usborne book just find a book at home that has orange items on them). You can trace them by putting the white paper on top of the book.
  • Apply orange paint to your paper platte. You can make as many shades of orange as you like. We mixed orange with red, yellow, brown, black, and white individually to create five different shades of orange.
Shades Of Orange: Learning about different shades! 3
  • Now start with the first shade. Let your child mix the two colors with a toothpick to create a lighter shade of orange. Find something in the book that has the same shade. The ice cream in the Usborne book was a light orange, so we mixed white and orange to create a similar shade of orange.
  • When your child is done mixing the first colors together let him/her apply it with a paintbrush to the paper.
  • Continue mixing the colors to create different shades of orange. Help your child to find those shades in the book. Comparing them helps them to understand the concept of shades.
  • This wonderful and easy to set up activity will help your child to understand different shades or orange.
  • Have fun!
Shades Of Orange: Learning about different shades! 4
Different shades of orange!

Things to talk about during the activity:

  • Talk about all the different objects in the book.
  • You can talk about orange and find something orange in the house.
  • Talk about all the colors you are using to mix into the color orange
  • What happens to the colors when you mix them with other colors? Lighter, darker, brighter, etc
  • Tip: When you clean up the brushes with your child watch how they slowly disappear on the brush.