The 1 SECRET to the Best Number Recognition Activities For Preschoolers!

Number recognition activities for preschoolers are important to help them get ready for Kindergarten. But how do you set up a successful number recognition activity for preschoolers? Learn how below:

Number Recognition Activities For Preschoolers

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Why are number recognition activities for preschoolers so important?

You want to prepare your preschoolers as well as you can for Kindergarten in the US. And one of the requirements is to identify numbers out of order. And there is no better way to prepare our kids for Kindergarten than to set up some fun learning activities for them.

  • Make sure to includes the numbers your child can identify - if you include too many numbers your child can't identify yet he/she might get bored quickly.
  • But you want to create a challenge by include some numbers that your child cannot identify yet. I suggest to start with one or two numbers.

The secret to the best number recognition activities for preschoolers!

In order for small children to learn concepts (like number recognition) you want to include as many of their five senses as possible.

Number Recognition Activities for Preschooler
  • EYES – Try to make the activity as visual as possible. 
  • EARS – Repeat the numbers your child identifies. You can even play a number song in the background or better yet learn a number song together. 
  • Touch – Add supplies that your child can feel like the cotton balls and the foam sheets. You can even add fine motor skill utensils. Like the tongs.
  • Smell – Now, this one is completely optional. But you could bake something before the activity. My children constantly say stuff like “remember when we baked cookies and did XYZ activity? That was fun.” 

Involving all of their senses will help your children to learn new concepts. 

Rainbow Number Hunt Activity, 1-20

I worked with my preschooler on the numbers 15-20. So, I made sure to include the numbers she can already identify. 

Number Recognition Activities for Preschoolers

Number Recognition Activities For Preschooler, Supplies:

Number Recognition Activities For Preschooler, Set Up:

Number Recognition Activities for Preschoolers
  1. Get out your tray. Something that is a bit deeper because we want to fill up the tray. I like this tray from Amazon it’s affordable and deep enough for sensory play. 
  2. I used the top of food pouches, but you can simple use a piece of cardboard.
  3. Now, write the numbers you want to work on onto your dot stickers. I use a sharpie so the numbers don’t smear. 
  4. Allow your child to add the stickers to the top of the food pouches or your cardboard rounds. Say the numbers out loud together. 
  5. Cut the foam sheets in stripes. Your child can help you. My daughter loves her scissors and being able to help me cutting. 
  6. Arrange the stripes like a rainbow on top of the numbers. Identify each color with your child first. 
  7. Add the cotton balls to each side of the tray like in the picture below. 
  8. Now, get out your sheets of white paper and add all the numbers you want to work on. You want to start on the left side of the paper like in the picture below. 
  9. Give your child the tongs or simply let them use their hands to find the numbers in the rainbow. When your child found a number ask your child to identify it. 
  10. To really understand the concept of a number you want to include counting into the activity and this is where the sheets of white paper with all the numbers you want to work on come into play. 
  11. Ask your child to find that number on the white piece of paper and when your child found the number to add dots to the number. For instance, if your child found the number 9 he/she will find the number 9 on the paper. Now, your child will add 9 dot stickers next to the number 9 on the piece of paper. Count together!
  12. Enjoy!
Number Recognition Activities for Preschooler

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