This part of the blog will provide you with important knowledge to get you through motherhood.

Motherhood as a “Foreign Mom”

First of all, I think we all can agree on motherhood being such a wonderful and exciting time. But, what nobody really talks about -or at least not in detail- is all the difficulties that come with motherhood.

As a result, you have so many questions because your child constantly goes through a new phase in life. All you want is to find the right answers for your family…

Being a Foreigner

Now, on top of that you have to deal with the fact that you are a foreign mom. Not everybody understands your culture and/or that you are raising your child bilingual/multilingual.

Well, I understand and I’m here to support you every step of the way…

The Foreign Mom Blog

Therefore, I created my blog with the thought of helping you to make your life as a foreign mom a little bit easier. Because let’s face it we just got it harder than mothers who go through motherhood in their home country. Am I right? And no, I’m not complaining because we also have a lot more to offer to our children than anyone else. 😉 Wouldn’t you agree? 


Ultimately, I’m trying to cover as many topics related to motherhood and being a foreign mom as possible. Hearing your thoughts and questions always helps me to include as many topics as possible. So, please do not be shy to leave a comment.

If I didn’t Cover Your Issue

Not to mention, if you are facing difficulties throughout motherhood and you can’t find a blog post that covers the topic here on “The Foreign Mom,” please reach out to me.

My goal is to cover as many topics as possible to help you and the next mom.

Always remember, if you have that question chances are other moms have the same question.


Elisabeth xxx