Kinetic Sand Play Idea: Moana Number Hunt And Counting Activity!

Kinetic Sand Play Idea for Toddlers and Preschoolers! How many coconuts and hearts of Te Fiti can you find?

Kinetic Sand Play Idea

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This fun and entertaining number hunt and counting activity was a big hit among my toddler and preschooler.

How many hearts of Te Fiti can you find?

My toddler was supposed to find the hearts of Te Fiti, while my preschooler had to find and count the coconuts.

Kinetic Sand Play Idea

Counting and Lining up the Coconuts

After my preschooler found all of the coconuts she had to line up the numbers in the correct order.

At the end of the activity, we got to dig in and manipulate the kinetic sand.

This activity was a lot of fun and very entertaining.

In fact, my kids played with this set up for a good 30 minutes. While sneaking in number recognition and counting into the play.

Kinetic Sand Play Idea: Moana Number Hunt And Counting Activity! 1

So, you might wonder how you can set up this play tray at home for your kids?

Kinetic Sand Play Idea – Supplies

First, let’s talk about the supplies you will need:

Kinetic Sand Play Ideas
Kinetic Sand Play Ideas

Furthermore, I’ve bought the set the first time around for the molds and after that, I bought a 2lbs bag for my kids for a refill. Kinetic sand will last you a long time. We are still on our first bag.

  • Flisat Sensory Table – This is the sensory table I use for my children. You don’t need to get this table. I’m just including a link since people always ask me where I got ours from. Also, this is not an affiliate link. (optional)
  • Sensory Box – This sensory box comes with a lid that is perfect for storing your kinetic sand. You can also use the tray that comes with the set, your sensory table, or a baking sheet. (optional)
Small 4 Liter Portable Sand Tray with Lid
  • Moana Figures – These are the Moana figures we used in our sensory tray. You can use your favorite Moana figures or any type of plastic toy you can find around the house. Dinosaurs might be a fun idea as well. (optional)
Moana Disney's Figure Set Toy Figure
  • Construction Paper – You will need some construction paper for the number part of this activity.
  • Markers – Markers to draw the coconuts and hearts.
  • Scissors – To cut out the coconuts and/or hearts.

Now, this might look like a long supply list but all you really need is kinetic sand, some figures, construction paper, markers, and scissors.

Kinetic Sand Play Idea – Instructions

  1. Pour your kinetic sand into your sensory table or sensory tray. If you don’t have either available you can use a cooking sheet/pan. Plus, check out the rules below!
  2. Use your construction paper and cut out 10 or 20 coconuts. Or you can download my free worksheet below to make this task easier for you.
  3. Check out the video below to find out how you can draw the hearts of Te Fiti.
  4. Cut out the coconuts and hearts with scissors.
  5. Write the numbers you want to work on onto the coconuts.
  6. Add your favorite Moana figures or any other plastic toys.
  7. Hide your coconuts and hearts of Te Fiti under the kinetic sand or the figures.
  8. Tell your smaller kids to find the hearts of Te Fiti. Show them an example, so they know what they are looking for.
  9. Ask your older kids to find the coconuts and to determine the number.
  10. In the end, ask your older kids to line up the coconuts starting with the smallest number. You can add a challenge based on your kid’s age such as counting backward.
  11. Lastly, let your kids enjoy playing with the kinetic sand.
  12. Enjoy!

Free Worksheet

Rules For Kinetic Sand Play Idea

Before I start any type of sensory play I put down the rules:

  • The sand stays on the table
  • The tray does not get moved
  • If you make a mess you help to clean it up
  • If you can’t follow the rules the activity is over

You might have to end your activity before you like, but this will help your kids to understand the rules and to follow them the next time!

All of my activities require adult supervision.