Kindergarten Readiness: Identifying Numbers 1-10 Out Of Order!

Kindergarten Rediness: Are you wondering if your child is ready for Kindergarten? One of the criteria for most schools in the US is to know the numbers 1-10 and to identify them out of order.

The following activities are easy-to-setup and they will help you and your child, in a fun way, to be ready for Kindergarten.

There are different state requirements for Kindergartners. Please contact your education department for more information if needed.

1. Kindergarten Readiness: “Find the Numbers” Activity

Kindergarten Readiness activity

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This is a fun activity that is quick to set up.

Set Up:

  • Easel (with chalkboard) or a large piece of paper
  • Chalk (2 different colors)
  • A small piece of paper
  • Pen or a marker


Decide on which two numbers you want to work on. We started with the numbers 3 and 5. Write your two numbers separately on two small pieces of paper.

Now, prepare your easel. Write down the two numbers you want to work on as often as possible. Then, write down other numbers or letters. I started with letters and worked my way up to numbers. My daughter wanted to do this exercise a couple of times.

Kindergarten Readiness activity
You can easily do this activity on a large piece.

Then, give your child the first number on a piece of paper and tell him/her to find the number on the easel or the paper.

When your child found the number have him/her cross it out or circle it.

When your child found all the numbers introduce the second number to him/her.

I recommend starting with no more than two numbers at a tim. When your child feels comfortable with those numbers you can add more numbers to the easel. While doing this exercise talk to your child about the numbers you chose.

Hint: Make sure your child knows the value of these numbers. Count to three and five. Find something in the house that has three or five items (like spoons).