Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Identifying Numbers 1-10 Out Of Order Instantly!

Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Are you wondering if your child is ready for Kindergarten? One of the criteria for most schools in the US is to know the numbers 1-10 and to identify them out of order. For more skills download the checklist below.

Kindergarten Readiness Skills Checklist:

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Kindergarten Readiness Skills - Checklist

There are different state requirements for Kindergartners. Please contact your education department for more information if needed.

1. Kindergarten Readiness Skills: “Find the Numbers” Activity

The following activity is easy-to-setup and it’s an important skill to learn before Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Prep: Identify Numbers 1-10 out of order.

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This is a fun learning activity that is quick to set up.

The Set Up:

  • Easel (with chalkboard) or a large piece of paper
  • Chalk (2 different colors)
  • A small piece of paper
  • Pen or a marker


  • Decide on which two numbers you want to work on. We started with the numbers 3 and 5.
  • Write your two numbers separately on two small pieces of paper.
Kindergarten Readiness Skills: Identifying Numbers 1-10 Out Of Order Instantly! 1
  • Now, prepare your easel. Write down the two numbers you want to work on as often as possible.
  • Then, write down other numbers or letters. I started with letters and worked my way up to numbers.
  • Then, give your child the first number on a piece of paper and tell him/her to find the number on the easel or the paper.
  • When your child found the number have him/her cross it out or circle it.
  • When your child found all the numbers introduce the second number to him/her.

Start with Two Numbers

I recommend starting with no more than two numbers at a time. When your child feels comfortable with those numbers you can add more numbers to the easel. While doing this exercise talk to your child about the numbers you chose.

Hint: Make sure your child knows the value of these numbers. Count to three and five. Find something in the house that has three or five items (like spoons).