KinderBooks NYC offers affordable book rental subscriptions to families. Simply choose the right subscription for your family and start receiving German books in the mail. Get your free discount code today!

KinderBooks NYC – The easiest way to get German books for your kids every month.

Convenient and Affordable

Getting German books for our kids always been a hassle for me and my family. I either had to deal with the very limited book options of online retailers or I had to ask my family from overseas to send German books for my kids.

Shipping books from Germany to the US is not cheap and always has been my last “resort.”

However, thanks to KinderBooks NYC this hasn’t been an issue for me anymore. I simply subscribed to the basic plan and we receive 2 books a month. No hassle and no shipping fees.

KinderBooks Subscriptions

KinderBooks offers different subscriptions to families to meet their individual needs.

What you need to know about their subscriptions:

These subscriptions are perfect for kids:

  • receive books based on your child’s interest and age
  • send the books back when your child is ready to receive new books
  • buy books if your child can’t let go (simply contact KinderBooks)
  • no late fees

Learn more about their plans below.

KinderBooks Basic Plan

The basic plan offers 2 books per month for $12.50/month.

  • Includes free shipping each way.
  • No late-fees.
  • Cancel anytime.
Learn how simple it is to get German books to your house every month.

KinderBooks Standard Plan

The Standard Plan offers 4 books per month for $18/month

  • Includes free shipping each way.
  • No late-fees.
  • Cancel anytime.
Penelope received her subscription from Oma for her second birthday. What a wonderful no-toy present for kids!

KinderBooks Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan “never stay without books. Receive 4 books with your first shipment and an unlimited number of packages of 2 books each month.” Choose the unlimited plan for $30 a month.

  • Includes free shipping each way.
  • No late-fees.
  • Cancel anytime.
The best German books that will match your child’s interests.

KinderBooks One-Time Special

Receive 8 books for 90 days for $32.

  • includes free shipping each way
  • expires automatically after 90 days

Support KinderBooks

In addition, I love the idea of supporting KinderBooks founded Beatrice Beckmann.

Beatrice is a foreign mom just like me who struggled to get German books for her kids here in the US. But instead of complaining about it she took matters in her own hands and founded KinderBooks NYC.

She not only created a wonderful business, but she also created the opportunity for every German/US family to read a German book to their kids at bedtime.

Thank you, Beatrice, for all you do! My family and I appreciate your wonderful service and we cannot wait for your next shipment.

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