Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD: The Must-Visit Play Space For Families!

Updated: 12-02-2019 Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg, MD is a must-visit play space in Maryland. Kids Play Gallery supports imaginative and exploring play, two components that are essential for your children’s development. Find out more about their weekly promotions at the end of the blog post.

But first, why is imaginative play so important?

Find out the four reasons why imaginative play is so important for small children:

1. Language Development

The Center for Parenting Education explains that children who engage in imaginative play also known as pretend play, structured or unstructured, have greater language skills compared to children who don’t engage in pretend play.

Pretend play requires the use of language to allow children to describe the play they are engaging in. So, while engaging in pretend play with your children make sure to use proper terms to increase your child’s vocabulary.

2. Cognitive skills

Imaginative play is a great way to support children’s cognitive skills, especially their problem-solving skills. For instance, when someone is sick they will need to come up with a way to make the “patient” feel better. By using medicine or bandages.

Children are required to use their problem-solving skills, which they can later apply to everyday situations. And the best part is that you can guide them along the way and teach them how to handle a difficult situation through play. For instance, to call 911 if someone is in need of help.

3. Social skills

Engaging in pretend play, which usually starts around age 2, also helps children with their social skills. Imaginative play includes sharing and engaging with other kids and adults. During imaginative play, children think about others and include them in their play, which is important when it comes to improving their social skills. This type of play allows children to learn how to treat others in a kind way and it teaches them about consequences.

Children who engage in pretend play are more likely to engage in sharing with others rather than being self-centered and excluding.

4. Emotional skills

Furthermore, imaginative play allows children to express emotions, positive or negative. However, children who engage in pretend play are more likely to express positive emotions over negative emotions.

As mentioned, it teaches kids about consequences. If I treat someone in a nice way it makes him/her feel good and they are more likely to return the favor.

Imaginative play has a lot of benefits for children and it creates bonding time with their peers and caregivers!

Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD - Bonding time with your children

The perfect play for bonding time with your kids.

Bilingual Play and its importance!

For the parents of you who are raising your children bilingual or multilingually; Kids Play Gallery will provide you will all the resources you will need to engage in fun, bilingual play.

When I first started to teach my daughters my first language I didn’t know where to start or what to cover until I realized that natural learning is the best way to learn a language.

Kids Play Gallery offers your children to explore the different playhouses and you can explore with them. Now, while you do that make sure to use your target language (the language you want to work on) and stay consistent.

The importance of language exposure

For instance, when you are in the “Diner” talk about the menu and all that it has to offer. Then, let your child serve you. Make sure to only use the target language while playing. Praise your child!! You want to keep him/her motivated.

The key to learning another language is being exposed to it and to use it.

Hint: Try not to tell your child “say it in (target language)!” Simply say “yes sweety, that is right” and use the word you want your child to know. You don’t want to discourage your child from engaging with you.

For more bilingual activities check out the activities I created for my children.

Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD Is The Perfect Place For Imaginative Play!

Kids Play Gallery is a wonderful indoor place that uses imaginative play to create a fun play space for children and their caregivers.

Furthermore, Kids Play Gallery offers different playhouses that children can explore while engaging in imaginative play.

The Different Playhouses at Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD:

1. Diner

Kids Play Gallery - Diner
The Diner

The Diner allows them to become cooks, waiter/waitresses, or even customers. The Diner provided a seating area for children, a kitchen, and lots of items to play with.

Furthermore, the indoor place impresses through its attention to detail. The Diner, for instance, had the “real life” look to it, such as the red leather seats.

2. Beauty Boutique

Kids Play Gallery - Beauty Boutique
Beauty Boutique

The beauty boutique was my daughters (3yrs) favorite playhouse. She pretended to get her hair done and then did mine. The different hair supplies were wonderful tools to support her fine motor skills.

In addition, we talked about the different hair supplies and she learned how to make curls with curlers. I felt very comfortable letting her play with all the different supplies since everything was very clean and organized.

3. Animal Hospital

Kids Play Gallery - Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital

This is another perfect example for Kids Play Gallery’s attention to detail. The degree on the wall. Every playhouse has its uniqueness that created a real-life atmosphere. Perfect for learning!

This playhouse was stocked with everything a real vet would need to help a hurt animal. My daughters played in this set up for 20 minutes helping all the animals. My 3-year-old even remembered some of the tools from our vet.

Also, I was impressed by how respectful all the kids who came in and out of the animal clinic were with the provided animals. Imaginative play set-ups create a positive learning environment for children.

4. The Fire Station and Burning Building

Kids Play Gallery - Fire Station and Burning Building
Fire Station Set-up

The Fire Station set-up appeared to be the favorite set-up for most kids the day we visited Kids Play Gallery!

Especially my youngest daughter enjoyed sliding down the slide to then run to the fire truck for more play. This set -up is perfect for little kids. The best part for us was that my youngest mastered the stairs within 20 minutes of playing with it.

The fire station playhouse provided uniforms and helmets for the kids to play with as well as a hidden tunnel. Lots of play fun!

5. Grocery Market

Kids Play Gallery in Gaithersburg, MD - Grocery Market
Grocery Market

Another fun playhouse Kids Play Gallery provides is the grocery market.

My oldest daughter loved the cash register and we did some counting activities while playing with it. While my youngest daughter (1yr) loved putting the fruit and vegetables in the shopping cart.

We also named all the different fruits and veggies in our target language to create some extra challenge while playing with it. You can see that Kids Play Gallery provides endless learning opportunities to kids.

In addition, to the right of the store is a train table set-up that offers lots of different tracks, bridges, and trains.

6. Service Station

Kids Play Gallery - Service Station
Service Station

The Service Station set-up provides everything kids need to fix a “broken down” car. I was positively surprised to see the interest both of my daughters had in this particular playhouse.

All the tools that were provided, especially the drills (it rotated) were fun to play with and made fixing things even more fun.

Engaging in this type of play is a wonderful way to support children’s dexterity. Which is important for kids to learn since they will later need it for writing.

7. Fishing Dock and Boat

Kids Play Gallery in Gaithersburg, MD
Fishing Dock and Boat

The Fishing Dock and Boat play were one of my favorite set-ups.

Again, I enjoyed the details like the KPG initials on the boat. Both of my daughters played with the boat and the dock for a long time while fishing. We counted fish and named all the different colors. My youngest daughter enjoyed walking up and down the dock to look for fish.

Party Room at Kids Play Gallery

Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD: The Must-Visit Play Space For Families! 2
The Party Room – Perfect For Birthday Parties

Kids Play Gallery provides a large party room to its customers. You will find tables/chairs, microwave, refrigerator and more. The walls have large windows in them, so you can still view the play area while having a snack or lunch.

While you visit Kids Play Gallery ask the front desk about birthday parties.

Kids Play Gallery’s Facility

  • Kids Play Gallery’s facility is clean and well organized
  • The facility is one big room and parents/caregivers are always able to see their children without changing rooms.
  • The front desk provides storage for shoes and jackets as well as strollers. However, I would discourage parents from bringing strollers since you can’t bring them into the play area. A baby carrier might be a better option.
  • The bathrooms have changing tables for easy diaper changes.
  • Kids Play Gallery has a coffee machine.
  • The large party room is perfect for eating lunch/snacks.
  • The front desk has a retail section where you can purchase toys.

Price at Kids Play Gallery in Gaithersburg MD:

1. Daily Pass

  • $15 – child over 1 year
  • $13 – siblings over 1 year
  • under 1 year free with a paid sibling

2. Weekdays after 4 pm

  • $12 – child over 1 year
  • $10 – siblings over 1 year
  • under 1 year free with a paid sibling

Weekly Promotions at Kids Play Gallery

Kids Play Gallery Gaithersburg MD: The Must-Visit Play Space For Families! 3
No discount flyer needed!

In addition, parents/caregivers are always free! You can also purchase memberships and socks! Kids Play Gallery requires all guests to wear socks in the play area. For more information such as location and opening hours visit Kids Play Gallery’s home page here.

My children and I had a wonderful experience at Kids Play Gallery and we hope you and your children will have an equally pleasant experience.

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