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20 Of The Best Martin Luther King Jr Activities For Kids That Will Teach Them To Be Kind!

Martin Luther King Jr Activities! These activities are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. You can do them at home or in your classroom.

Amazing Super Snow Powder - Affiliate Link (no extra cost for you)

Amazing Super Snow Powder Make your own snow in just seconds. You can reuse the snow for future snow play. Simply store it and add water to it when you need it.

KinderBooks NYC + Discount Code!

KinderBooks NYC

German Book Rental – KinderBooks NYC offers book subscriptions to its readers. Choose a subscription that works for your family and KinderBooks will send you hand-picked German books for your kids. Send the books back whenever you and your kids are ready to receive the next shipment. All shipments are free. What if your kid can’t part with the book? KinderBooks allows you to buy the book for your kids.

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My Little Pony - Worksheets (German, English, Blank (to fill in)

My little pony – Free worksheets

This is one of my favorite toy “upgrades.” Simply print out my free worksheets in your target language or blank version and work with your kids on those questions. The purpose of this worksheet is to analyze all the differences between the ponies. Asking questions of your toddler/preschooler’s favorite toy in your target language will motivate them to participate in a bilingual dialog. While you get the opportunity to talk about new words/colors/symbols, etc.

Pacifier Weaning System

Get your pacifier weaning system today. This is an affiliate link (no extra cost).  

Responsibility Chart - Affiliate Link (no extra cost to you)

Responsibility Chart

This responsibility chart is a wonderful tool for families. It doesn’t matter if you have younger or older kids this tool will help you to either correct undesired behavior and/or improves your child’s attitude to help around the house.  

The Foreign Mom - YouTube Channel

The Foreign Mom – YouTube Channel

Find all of my video content on YouTube. DIY projects that you can do with your children at home. Simple step-by-step guides for you to follow that will help you to create great activities with your kids at home. Perfect for Sunday afternoons.

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The Foreign Mom Support Group - All Are Welcome!!

The Foreign Mom Support Group

Are you are foreign mom who needs some support? Raising a family in a foreign country isn’t easy. Let us be your support system. We are foreign moms just like you who know how hard it is to live far away from your home. All are welcome!