First Day Of Kindergarten: DIY Schultüte Filled With School Supplies

Now, you might wonder what a Schultüte is? It’s also known as a Kindercone and/or Sugarcone. Schultüten are originated from Germany. Every child receives a Schultüte in Germany to celebrate his/her start of Kindergarten. It’s a wonderful tradition that makes the start of school even more special.

Kindergarten: DIY Kindercones

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Now, the Schultüten that I created for my DIY instructions are mini versions of the original Schultüten. In Germany, Schultüten are almost as tall as the kids. They are filled with school supplies (markers, pencils, etc) and candy.

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DIY Schultüten Video Tutorial

In addition, these make for a perfect start to Kindergarten. Just follow these simple steps below:

Supply List For Schultüten:

Furthermore, I created a supply list with items we use at home. In case, you need some additional materials for this project.

  • Construction Paper of your choice. Make sure you are aware of the size you want to use.
  • Pen and hair tie to draw a quarter of circle – Check the video (second scene)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Glue Stick
  • Tissue Paper (gift bags) – You only need a couple of pieces.
  • Stickers to decorate the Kindercone
  • String (optional)

Instructions For Schultüte:

Besides, you can either follow the instructions in my DIY Video or the steps below:

  1. Draw a quarter of a circle with the help of your hair tie and pen to create a cone shape.
  2. Cut it out and apply glue to one end of the paper.
  3. Roll up the piece of paper into a cone.
  4. Use your tissue paper and glue it to the inside of the cone.
  5. Fill our cone with school supplies and candy. *Don’t use candy that melts.
  6. Use a string or simply roll up some of the tissue paper to tie the tissue paper together.
  7. Decorate your Schultüte with your kid’s name, stickers, etc.

All in all, I hope your Kindercone will make your child’s first day of Kindergarten even more fun.

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