Fine Motor Skills Activities for Kids!

It is important to do regular fine motor skills activities with children to support their dexterity. 

Children will engage in lots of activities, starting in preschool that will require a good amount of dexterity. Let’s help your children to be successful through some fun play activities. 

Why is it important to support children’s fine motor skills?

Fine Motor skills are very important for children because this sets the ground for drawing and writing. And even more skilled activities, such as cutting with scissors. Children who lack dexterity will end up frustrated with fine motor skills activity in school.


Supporting children’s fine motor skills will help them when they start preschool. In preschool, they will be challenged by writing letters and numbers. Or by putting together puzzles by themselves. All activities that require some fine motor skills.

You will find lots of fine motor skills activities in preschools such as playing with play-doh. Preschools try to prepare children for kindergarten where they will need good dexterity to learn writing.

Tip: It is beneficial for children to play with play-doh because it will strengthen children’s hand muscles.


In addition, when children enter kindergarten they are expected to be able to cut with scissors (One of the most overlooked activities by parents). Practicing fine motor skills activities with your child is important, so they are able to hold scissors correctly (thumb down).

Fun way!

Thankfully, preparing children for school by doing fine motor skills activities doesn’t have to be boring. My activities are easy to set up and fun for the entire family. Let’s help your child have a good start in preschool/kindergarten by providing them with good dexterity. There is no better way to learn than the fun way. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


Elisabeth XXX

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