Fall Decoration (Seasons)

This is a beautiful fall decoration activity. 

Easy to set up!

Activity – Fall Decoration (2yr+)

Fall Decoration (Seasons) 1

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Supply list for “Fall Decoration” Activity

  • Paint – I like this paint and use it for all my activities.
  • Paint Brushes – These are my daughter’s favorite brushes.
  • Craft Needle – Craft needles are the best. Getting the leaves on a string without breaking them was easy thanks to those needles.
  • String – This one is affordable and durable.
  • Scissors – These safety scissors are the best out there.
  • Glue – We used this bottle of glue rather than a glue stick. A glue stick may break the leaves.
  • Paper – Use white paper for the letters.
  • Marker – I like this brand.
  • Water – Provide some water to clean the brushes.
  • Paper plate – For easy cleanup. You can also use a palette. This is the one I’m using.
  • Leaves – go on a nature walk beforehand to collect some leaves. You need at least as many leaves as “Fall” spells in your target language. Fall is “Herbst” in German. So, I needed six leaves. However, I also added an extra leave between the letters.


  1. Go on a nature walk and collect enough leaves to spell the word “Fall” in your target language.  This is how many leaves you will need. You can add extra leaves in between the letters.
  2. Make sure they are dry and flat enough for painting. Press overnight -with a book- if needed.
  3. Apply paint to paper plate or palette. We used fall colors, but the brighter the colors the better.
  4. Have your child apply the paint on the leaves.
  5. Let the leaves dry. Our leaves dried overnight.
  6. Write and cut out letters.
  7. Apply glue to leaves and stick the letters on them.
  8. Let the letters dry.
  9. When dry use the craft needle to get the leaves on a string.
  10. Print out the worksheet, Seasons – Fall and fill out in your target language. Let your children circle all the fall pictures.


While you do this activity with your children talk about the different seasons.


How does the weather changes compare to summer?

What happens to the trees and leaves?

What holidays are in the fall?

Maybe a family member’s birthday?

Extra tip:

You can find a tree in your neighborhood and observe it every day. How many leaves are still left? Did they change colors?


This activity makes a great project. You can talk about Fall all week and do the different steps:

  1. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves +find a tree for observation (take a picture).
  2. Press leaves.
  3. Paint leaves and let them dry overnight.
  4. Attach letters and let them dry.
  5. Put them on a string and hang up in the play area or an area of your choice.
  6. Throughout the week observe the tree and compare it.