So, You Want To Marry Someone From Another Country And Move There? 10 ways your life will be changed instantly.

Love in Foreign country

Do you want to marry someone from another country? How wonderful! But being with a man from a foreign country and moving there isn’t easy. I wish someone had told me what was laying ahead of me before I got married because it would have been much easier for me and my husband! And yes, … Read more

Top 10 Must-Not Ask Questions To An Expat Family During The Holiday Season This Year!

Woman with a Christmas hat covering her mouth

Be mindful of how you talk to expat families during the holiday season. And I mean this in the nicest way possible. Being aware of how you might sound with some of these “harmless” questions will help you to prevent fewer people’s feelings from getting hurt. Remember knowledge is power. Top 10 NOT so “harmless” … Read more

KinderBooks: The easy way to get affordable German books straight to your doorstep!

KinderBooks NYC offers affordable book rental subscriptions to families. Simply choose the right subscription for your family and start receiving German books in the mail. Get your free discount code today! Convenient and Affordable Getting German books for our kids always been a hassle for me and my family. I either had to deal with … Read more

Bilingual: Kids Learning A Foreign Language

A child learning a foreign language through reading

Kids learning a foreign language is a unique experience. And you should be proud of yourself for helping your children learn two languages at the same time. Raising your children bilingual takes some serious commitment.  Learning a Foreign Language First of all, children who are bilingual have a significant advantage over children who only speak … Read more