Are you looking for easy crafts for kids? Look no further! This fun and creative craft is a big hit among the little’s! Ocean in a bag allows your children to be creative while working on their fine motor skills.

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1. Easy Crafts For Kids, Supply List:

This list has everything you will need for this “Easy crafts for kids: Ocean in a Bag” craft:

  • A paper bag preferably with a window (if not you can simply cut out a square to create a window).
  • A large (gallon) Ziploc bag.
  • Strong tape.
  • Water and food coloring (last is optional).
  • Ocean creatures

2. Easy Crafts For Kids, Instructions:

Follow these simple steps to create your “Easy crafts for kids: Ocean in a Bag” craft:

  1. Tape the Ziploc Bag into your paper bag. If your paper bag doesn’t have a window simply cut out a square to create one. However, one of my Instagram followers simply used a Ziploc bag for this craft. So, that’s always an option as well.
Easy Crafts For Kids: Ocean in a Bag!

2. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to 2-5 cups of water. You don’t want it to be too dark since you want the animals to show through the water.

Easy Crafts For Kids: Ocean in a Bag!

3. Let your children add all the Ocean creatures, rocks, sticks, etc. Whatever comes to your child’s mind.

Easy Crafts For Kids: Ocean in a Bag!

Always put down rules before you start!

I know a lot of parents shy away from water play, crafts, etc. because they don’t want to deal with a mess. I mean who likes messes?!?! Am I right?

So, it is important that you put down the rules (even if you have a toddler) before you start.

My rules are:

  • The craft stays on the table
  • The water stays in the bag
  • The Ocean creatures don’t leave the bag

If my kids disobey the rules the bag leaves for 2 minutes and we try again! Sometimes it takes a few tries and that is okay!! You got this.

Points to talk about:

There are so many fun things to talk about during this easy craft for kids:

  • What ocean creatures did you use and what are their names?
  • What are their colors?
  • In case you used rocks and sticks. Did they sink or float?
  • Is the water cold, warm, or hot? What are ways to change waters temperature?
  • What changes the temperature of the ocean in “real life?”
  • Did you and your kids ever swim in an ocean? If yes, which one? Show it to your kids on a map.

We wish you a lot of fun with this easy craft for kids! And don’t forget to check out my other activities! If you love to save money don’t forget to check out my free Amazon Promo Codes.