OMG!! The Best Easter Chick Craft Ever!

This is the best and easiest Easter Chick Craft out there. You only need a couple of supplies to create this cute Easter Chick. Learn how to make them here in under 5 minutes.

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Easter Chick Craft Supplies

Believe it or not, but I just recently started to use a glue gun for my crafts! And let me tell you it’s life-changing. My mother-in-law gave me her old glue gun from the ’90s and it’s working fairly okay. But I ended up buying a newer model and it is simply amazing. Things stick together instantly. No more pressing things together for 5-10 minutes. 🙂 I can’t believe I waited that long.

Supply List:

  • Construction paper – colors of your choice.
  • Plastic eggs – the size of the egg is up to you. I use a smaller size since we use them for decoration. Check out the decoration idea at the end of the post.
  • Feathers – I bought mine from Amazon and they will last you forever
  • A Sharpie – Black or brown is best.
  • A glue gun – This is the glue gun I recently purchased. I love it and it’s under $10. (Hopefully, you made the step to buy a glue gun before I did. Haha).
  • Scissors

Easter Chick Craft Instructions:

You can either follow the video above to craft your Easter chicks or the instructions below:

  1. Stick the smaller piece (bottom) of the plastic egg into the larger piece. It should look like the chick has the mouth wide open.
  2. Then, use a sharpie to draw the eyes on the egg. Right above the mouth.
  3. Now, fold a small piece of construction paper in half and cut out a triangle. It needs to be layered to create a diamond shape for the pecker. Glue it onto the egg, underneath the eyes.
  4. Lastly, glue three feathers onto the back of the egg.
  5. Done!

I hope you like these little Easter chicks. These are my kids favorite Easter craft. 🙂 And I just love how simple they are to make.

+ Extra: Decoration idea for the Easter chicks

OMG!! The Best Easter Chick Craft Ever! 1
  • You can cut off a few branches of a Forsythia bush and put them in a vase with water.
  • Then, attach some strings to the eggs and hang up your Easter Chicks.
  • This is our Easter tradition with the kids. My daughters love to decorate with them.
  • Enjoy!

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