DIY Name Stamps For Kids

DIY Name Stamps For Kids! Children need to be able to recognize their own names when they start Kindergarten. Creating their own name stamps will help them to recognize every letter in their own name. While having fun crafting these easy to make stamps.

DIY Name Stamps For Kids 1
Only four supplies needed

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This is a simple name recognition activity. And the best part is that you can reuse the stamps.

Why is name recognition important?

This is a wonderful activity that you can do with your children to ensure that they can recognize their own name. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create these name stamps. And you probably have most of the supplies already at home.

Name recognition is important for children to learn so they can navigate Kindergarten without needing any help from teachers. They will be able to find their own cubby, water bottle, seat, etc.

Hint: You can also create name stamps for their grandparents, pet, or any other important person or animal in their lives. Getting them excited over this activity will help them to stay motivated to learn.

Supply List for DIY Name Stamps

  • Cardboard – We used a delivery box
  • Tops of food pouches – You will need as many tops as your child’s name has letters. You could use cork instead if you don’t have enough food pouch tops.
  • Foam Heart Stickers – We like these stickers from Amazon. They are cute and easy to peel off.
  • Construction paper – I recently tired this construction paper set and I love how vibrant the colors are. I can definitely recommend these for crafting.
  • Large ink pads – These ink pads are large enough for the stamps you will make. And they don’t have a strange smell to them.
  • Glue and scissors – I love gorilla glue. It sticks everything together in no-time. These scissors are the best ones out there.

Instructions to DIY Name Stamps

Easy instruction to create your own name stamps
  1. Draw the letters of your child’s name onto cardboard. Have your child cut out the letter if old enough. Cutting cardboard is challenging and it’s okay for you to do it for your child. (Make sure the heart stickers are big enough to cover the letters completely).
  2. Cover the letter with the heart sticker and cut around the edges.
  3. Then cut out a piece of cardboard and construction paper. The piece of cardboard needs to be bigger than the letter. And the piece of construction paper has to be bigger than the cardboard piece.
  4. Now glue it all together. The letter goes on the piece of construction paper. The construction paper will be glued onto the back of the piece of cardboard.
  5. Lastly, glue the top of the food pouch on the back (to the construction paper).
  6. Enjoy

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