DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season!

DIY Flower Arrangement Guide you can use for every season. The best part is it will save you lots of money. This arrangement makes for a great gift.

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DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 1

This activity will save you lots of money and your kids will love to help you!

Supply List For DIY Flower Arrangement With My Favorite Products:

  • Gold Spray Paint – This spray paint creates the perfect golden color in no-time. It also dries quickly!
  • White Spray Paint – This bottle of white spray paint does an excellent job covering and you can use it on metal, wood, plastic, and more.
  • Home Dusk Mask – Using a mask is always a good idea when using spray paint. This is a pack of 5.
  • Wooden basket – I used an Easter basket and sprayed it with the gold spray paint. This basket is a beautiful alternative if you don’t have a basket at home.
  • White Paint – I prefer this paint set because it will last you all year. (Optional)
  • Paper – This Melissa & Doug Isle paper pad never disappoints. I’ve used it for lots of art projects. (Optional)
  • Glitter – We added glitter to our white paint for extra fun. (Optional)
  • Hairspray – I used hairspray on the paper to ensure that the glitter will stay on it. (Optional)
  • Knife or Sizzors – Whichever one is easier for you to use.
  • A large box – Cut open the box and use it as a mat to avoid getting spray paint everywhere.
  • Flowers, Pinecones, branches – Whatever you can find in your backyard or local park. (You can change up this project depending on the season).

Instructions to DIY Flower Arrangement:

  1. Go on a nature walk and collect everything you want to use. For this project, we used a branch of a holly tree, a pine cone, and a branch of our Christmas tree. We also picked a few flowers from our dried out hydrangea bush. Again, you can use whatever your season provides to you.
DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 2

2. Use a space outside or in your garage where you can spray paint everything you collected. I used our garage and left the garage door open. If you must have your kids present make sure they wear a mask as well. First, you will spray one side and when it’s dry you will turn it around and spray the other side.

3. If you use an Easter basket or a basket that you have at home you can spray paint it as well. I sprayed mine with the golden spray paint and loved it right away.

DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 3

4. When everything is dry bring it inside. I wrapped my flowers, etc. in some paper so nothing fell on the floor. But I was surprised by how well it held up.

5. Now you can mix white paint, a little bit of water, and the glitter. Your kids can paint a piece of paper with that mixture. This step is optional if you don’t want to use it for extra decoration! If not, igore steps 5-7.

DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 4

6. This is what it will look like when dry. I used a bit of hairspray to made sure the glitter will stay on the paper.

DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 5

7. When everything is dry you can put the paper on the bottom of the basket. I also cut a piece to roll it up for extra decoration.

8. Then, put everything you collected and spray painted in the basket the way you like. Since we are in the Christmas season, I added a Santa Claus to my arrangement. This is optional!

DIY Flower Arrangement Guide: For Every Season! 6

I love this easy to make flower arrangement that will save you lots of money. The best part is that your kids can help you to make it. This makes for a great present.