DIY Fireworks: New Year’s Eve Activity for Toddlers/Preschoolers!

DIY Fireworks is a fun New Year’s activity for toddlers and preschoolers. This activity is easy to set up and all you need is three supplies.

DIY Fireworks: New Year's Eve Activity for Toddlers/Preschoolers! 1

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This activity requires some painting! But is easy to set up. 

DIY Fireworks Supply List With Our Favorite Products:

  • Strainer – Use a strainer from your kitchen.
  • Paint – Colors of your choice. This paint is our favorite. It is easy to clean up and it will last you for a while. 
  • Black Construction Paper – We love this lightweight construction paper. It is perfect for painting.
  • Glitter – We used some glitter for extra fun (optional).
DIY Fireworks: New Year's Eve Activity for Toddlers/Preschoolers! 2
Set Up

DIY Fireworks Instructions:

  1. Get a strainer from the kitchen for this activity.
  2. Put the black construction paper on top of a matt or a larger piece of paper to avoid paint getting on the floor or table.
  3. Add the paint of choice to your strainer and have your child apply it to the construction paper.
  4. Mix and reapply paint as needed.
  5. End some glitter at the end (optional).
  6. Have fun!

Tip: Clean your strainer as soon as your kid is done painting for easy clean up.

Things to talk about during this activity:

Children learn through play. So, here are a few ideas on what to talk about during this activity.

  • Talk about fireworks and when you can see them.
  • Show a video of fireworks. Like the one below.
  • Talk about the noises. Are they loud or quiet?
  • Identify colors and compare them to items in the home.
  • Talk about day and night and when you can see fireworks.
  • Last, talk about New Year’s Eve and what your kid is hoping for in the New Year? Talk about your wishes and dreams.

This activity is lots of fun and your kid will love to use a strainer.

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