Daylight Saving Time: How to prepare your children for the unavoidable!

Spring is almost here and with Spring comes “daylight saving time” aka you will lose an hour of sleep. The key to daylight saving time is to prepare yourself and your children to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Daylight Saving Time Clock
Daylight Saving Time:
Spring forward
Fall back

Daylight Saving Time Facts:

  • Germany was the first country to implement Daylight Saving Time in 1916 after WWI. Other countries have followed in Germany’s footsteps and implemented daylight saving time as well. However, only roughly 40% of all countries still implement daylight saving time each year.
  • Daylight saving time doesn’t save energy for most countries. In fact, most countries save money on electricity for light, but they spend more money on electricity and other resources for heating and cooling.
  • Research has shown that daylight saving time has negative effects on humans that can lead to an increase in heart attacks and car accidents, to just name a few.
  • Now, you might wonder if daylight saving has any positive effects on the citizen of the countries that do participate in daylight saving time. The answer is yes since we are getting an extra hour of sunlight per day.

Petitions to end “Daylight Saving Time!”

Can we do anything to end daylight saving time?

The answer is we can try! You can find numerous petitions online to end daylight saving time. However, I always recommend reading the “terms and conditions” before you sign any petition.

In addition, I do not advise you to sign anything. I just want to make you aware of what can be done.

How can you help your children to adjust to daylight saving this Spring?

  1. Adjust your children’s nap schedule:

Adjust the nap schedule every day by 15 minutes to prepare for daylight saving time.

For instance, if your child naps at noon every day start on Wednesday to put your child down at 11:45 AM. Then, on Thursday and Friday at 11:30 AM and on Saturday at 11:15 AM. So, when Sunday comes around your child is already familiar with the new schedule.

Now, I’m not saying your child won’t fight you on the new schedule, but it will be easier than changing it from one day to another.

2. Adjust bedtime the way you adjust nap time :

Then, you want to focus on bedtime and do the same thing as you did with nap time. My girls lay in bed at 7 PM. So, starting tomorrow I will put them down at 6:45 PM. Then on Thursday and Friday at 6:30 PM and on Saturday at 6:15 PM.

Bedtime is always tricky when it comes to daylight saving time. And it takes both of my girls about half a week to fully adjust to it. Which means no fighting to stay up longer!

How to prepare your kids for bedtime!

Anyway, you can do two things and only you know what will work best for your children.

a. You can tire them out throughout the afternoon. You can have a dance party, go on a family walk, or schedule an afternoon playdate. The goal is to get them as tired as possible.

b. You can do regular activities in the afternoon and go to their rooms half an hour earlier to get ready for bed. While getting ready for bed listen to calming music. Maybe give your child a nice massage with lotion after a calming bath. Both of my girls love it. Then, read a book and turn out the light.

My children need to get rid of their energy, so I will take them to the local park where they can run around and ride their bike/scooter. But I will also give them a nice bath and baby massages to calm them down. Dad will read books. So, as you can see you can do a combination of both as well.

Prepare yourself for the change in sleep schedule

Go to bed earlier

I always find it very helpful to prepare myself and my husband for the upcoming change. We make sure we go to sleep earlier than usual in case the girls wake up early. Being prepared helps not to get upset for any additional loss of sleep.

Eating healthier

In addition, we limit the amount of sugar the children are able to eat. We make sure they get lots of healthy protein like eggs and chicken to keep them full for longer. The last thing we need is hungry children! 😉

Talk to your partner

Don’t forget that you are allowed to be frustrated with the situation. So, are your children they just can’t put it in words the way you can. Talk to your partner if something is not working and try to find a way to adjust it to your family’s needs. But sometimes it helps to stick it out for a couple of days.

Prepare yourself for Monday

I wanted to leave this for last! Prepare yourself for Monday aka for tired children.

You and your kids will lose an hour of sleep! And you might feel tired as well. So, please prepare yourself that Monday will not be just another Monday.

Make sure all the lunches are packed, clothes are laid out, and everything else that needs to be done in advance is done. Make it as easy as possible on yourself and your kids.

You got this!

Follow these steps and make sure you are mentally prepared for the change.

Go easy on yourself and your kids on Monday if you can. Don’t overschedule yourself or plan on getting a lot of things done that day. Just take it easy.

If you need additional ideas on how to tire your children out in the afternoons please check out my activities that I created for my kids.