Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Kids Under $20.

These are creative Easter basket ideas for your kids. These creative Easter basket ideas will support your children’s creativity. While fostering their fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and other skill sets. For parents who want to give their children more than just candy for Easter.

Creativity and Child Development

Creativity is a form of self-expression and very important for your children’s development. It is essential for children to be able to openly express themselves without the fear of judgment. There is no better way to create a judgment-free environment that allows your kids to express themselves than through a creative play set-up. These creative Easter basket ideas will foster your child’s creativity.

Also, you will learn how creative play fosters other important areas of your children’s development.

How to be creative with your kids?

Most parents are at a loss when it comes to creative play and they don’t know where to start. Creative play doesn’t mean you always have to sit down and color or paint with your children. Because the truth is most parents don’t enjoy these types of activities. Some of them even think they are not creative enough. While others don’t want to deal with the mess. And that is okay!!

This is one of the reasons I created this list to help you be creative with your children without feeling stressed out about it.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas For Kids Under $20. 1

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Toy list that supports your children’s creativity and other skill sets.

10. Creative Easter Basket Ideas under $20:

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Kinetic Sand
Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Kinetic Sand, Age 3+
  1. Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom Playset with 3lbs of Beach Sand (ages 3+)

One of my husband’s favorite toys to engage in creative play is kinetic sand; it is very affordable, less messy, and it won’t dry out.

Kinetic sand is regular sand with a code of silicone oil. You can find silicone oil in daily products like cosmetics, shampoos, and lotion.

Children can model kinetic sand like clay, but it falls apart when touched. It is absolutely mesmerizing material. Also, kinetic sand is the perfect material to foster your children’s fine motor skills. Good dexterity is important for preschoolers who will enter Kindergarten soon. It is the first step towards learning how to write.

Furthermore, kids love to use kinetic sand to express themselves. They love to model with it and create everything that comes to their mind. I always encourage parents to talk and more importantly ask questions, while playing with their children. Asking lots of questions supports their problem-solving skills. For the parents who are very busy, this is also a wonderful activity to setup while working around the house.

Please make sure to put down rules from day one when playing with kinetic sand. It is less messy than most activities, but kids can create a mess if not taught how to use it correctly.

Rules for sensory play

Our rules (for any type of sensory play) are that kinetic sand stays in the tray. The tray does not leave the table under any circumstances. If the child made a mess an adult needs to be informed immediately. However, I do advice parents to always supervise their children.

Hint: I buy kinetic sand when it’s on sale and use it for birthday presents. Instead of paying $25 per gift I spend around $10 for a wonderful gift that kids love no matter what their genders are. And the reality is you can’t have enough kinetic sand at home. πŸ™‚

More Fine Motor Skill Toys

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Building Block Game Set

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Building Block Game Set, Age 3+

2. Zeliku Building Block Games Set With Toy Drill & ScrewDriver Tool Set | Educational building blocks construction games| Develop Fine Motor Skills – Best Kids Toys for boys & girls age 3 – 14-year-olds

What is not to love about this toolset? It allows your children to be creative in any way. My kids even use the drill to “fix” things around the house. πŸ™‚

You can teach them colors, simple construction rules, and so much more. Also, it is perfect to improve fine motor skills.

No matter what gender your kids are they will appreciate this toolset. And this toolset gets an extra point at our house because my husband likes to play with it as well.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Rock Painting Kit

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Rock Painting Kit, Age 6+

3. Creativity for Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit – Arts and Crafts for Kids – Includes Rocks and Waterproof Paint

This is a fun rock painting set for children. Your children can create creative images or pattern on those rocks. But my favorite part is that the kids can hide them around the yard to create another fun game like a scavenger hunt.

Also, they are a cute decoration for the front and/or backyard.

Gross Motor Skills

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Bowling Play Set

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Bowling Play Set, Age 2+

4. Neato Tek Cute Indoor Outdoor Kids Bowling Friends Play Set Animal Bowling Game Set for Children with 10 Wooden Pins and Two Balls (4.8 inch)

If you know my blog you know how much I love to create fine motor skill activities. But I find it equally important to support my children’s gross motor skills. Children have to move! And movement is a form of learning.

This set is a great way to get your children to move while encouraging them to be creative. When I set up a gross motor skill activity I introduce the activity, set the rules, and then let my kids take charge.

In this scenario, they could choose to target a number, a color, an animal, etc. Also, they could pretend to be one of those animals and let the other person guess by targeting that particular animal. As you can tell this set has endless play possibilities.

In addition, what I like best about this set is that you can play inside (rainy day) or outside. Also, you can play it with two or more players. Perfect for birthday parties.

Problem-Solving Skills

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Pretend Play Set

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Pretend Play Set, Age 3+

5. Educational Doctor Medical Pretend Play Toy Set in Storage Box 34 Pcs – Battery Operated Tools with Lights & Sounds – Promote Learning, Hand to Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills

Pretend play is a form of creative play that is very important for children and helps them to express themselves while using their problem-solving skills. This set is a wonderful tool for children to foster their problem-solving skills since they have to come up with ideas to improve the patients’ well-being.

Hint: While engaging in pretend play make sure to use proper terms to help to improve your children’s vocabulary.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Secret Decoder Set

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Secret Decoder, Age 7+

6. Melissa & Doug On the Go Secret Decoder Activity Books Set – 54 Games

We actually don’t have these activity books at home since my girls are too little, but all of my friends with older kids bought them and highly recommended them to me.

They informed me that these are great for traveling and that I had to mention them on my blog. So here I am. πŸ™‚

When I looked at them I noticed that they are very creative and I loved the pen as well as the other spy tools.

Colors Matching Skills

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Colorful Bears and Cups

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Colorful Bears and Cups, Age 3+

7. CC O PLAY Sort and Play – Sorting and Counting Toy for Kids – 72 Colorful Bears, 6 Cups, 1 Bag – Best Education Toy for Children with Free Ebook

I use these colorful bears for lots of my activities on my blog. They are a brilliant tool to teach your children about colors and color matching.

You can simply have your children match the bears with the cups with or without the tweezers. Or you can get very creative. For instance, you can draw a line and have your children line up the bears on the line. You can lead them from point A to point B. Another option is to draw a rainbow and have your children line up the bears on those different colored lines.

In addition, you can ask your children to come up with activities because your bears are bored. My oldest daughter (3yrs) decided to give the bears a bath because they were dirty. πŸ™‚

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Color Matching Mosaic

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Color Matching Mosaic, Age 2+

8. AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard Early Learning Educational Toys for Boys and Girls

This color-matching mosaic is my youngest daughters favorite game. She is under age two, so I make sure I watch her very carefully while playing with it. I don’t want her to put any of the pieces in her mouth. Never leave kids unattended while playing with small pieces!

She loves to manipulate the small pieces. Also, she comes up with creative ways to use them. My oldest (3yrs) loves to help her to put it in the right places. This game entertains them for 20 minutes and longer every single time they play with it.

Shape Determination Skills

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Bean Bags

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Bean Bags, Age 3+

9. Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags

Bean bags are a creative tool for learning. We are using these bean bags for shape play and for gross motor skill activities that support our children’s creativity.

For instance, I would put down pieces of paper with different shapes. Then, my kids will have to try to throw the right shaped bean bag onto the piece of paper. Not only teaches it your children the shapes they also engage in lots of movement.

Hint: If your child is older than 2 please encourage your child to throw overhand.

These bean bags are a wonderful way to encourage your children to be creative. My oldest loves to use them for tracing shapes. While my youngest loves to simply stack them. This is another toy on my list that provides you with endless pay opportunities.

ABC Skill Set

Creative Easter Basket Ideas - Activity Book

Creative Easter Basket Ideas: Activity Book, Age 2+

10. Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book (Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Books)

If you are working with your children on the ABC’s this is the perfect book for your kids because it has more than just the letters. I bought my daughter a book where she could only trace the different letters and she got bored after 5 minutes. This book actually keeps her engaged for longer because she is curious to see what the next page has to offer.

As for the creative part, she finds items around the house to match the different items displayed in the book.

The best part about this book is that she can re-use it because you can simply wipe it off.

Hint: Explain to your children that the marker is a special marker and only this marker works for the book and needs to be treated extra gently. Also, always make sure your children hold the marker right before writing letters. It’s very hard to correct a wrong grip later on!

Extra Creativity Play Ideas

In addition, if you are curious about making your own play-doh go to my digital library for free recipes.

Daily Activities

Also, if you are looking for more play ideas please feel free to download my free eBook “Everyday play activities for children of busy moms!” You can download this eBook instantly without any costs to you.

This eBook provides simple activities that you can set-up for your kids in under 5 minutes with items you already have a home.

Take Away

I hope you enjoyed my “Creative Easter Basket Ideas” list for your children. As mentioned above supporting your children’s creativity no matter what age or gender they are is important for their development. You don’t have to consider yourself creative to do so. This list should help you to overcome the stress parents feel to even think of setting up a creative activity.