Creative Activities For Kids: Build a city today.

Creative Activities For Kids: “Build a city today” is the perfect bilingual activity for kids who love to play with cars. All you need is some painters tape and a few toy cars.

Also, this bilingual activity is easy to set up and won’t be messy. 

Creative Activities For Kids: The “Build A City” Set Up!

Creative Activities For Kids: Build a city with painters tape

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Creative Activities For Kids: Supply list to “Build A City.”

  • Painters Tape – this one is very affordable and it will last you a long time.
  • Cars of your choice – anything you can find at home.
  • Buildings (optional)
  • People (optional)
  • Animals (optional)
  • Trees (optional
  • Boxes (optional)

Instructions to build your city today:

The steps 3 to 6 are optional:

  1. Put painters tape down to create roads make sure your children help you. Also, try a small piece on the surface you are planning on using to make sure it doesn’t do any damage to your flooring. I never had this happen, but I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.
  2. Get out cars and have your kids drive them around the city.
  3. Create parking lots. You could even use a box for a parking garage.
  4. Create anything else that comes to your mind. You can even “rebuild” your city back home. Also, you could add parks, additional streets, buildings, etc.
  5. In addition, you could also add people, animals, trees to create a “city feel.”
  6. Print out Worksheet, Sizes – Cars. Fill in the different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) in your target language. Then have your kids circle the small cars and count them.
  7. Remove painters tape when finished (again, have your children help you).

First of all, I created this activity because I wanted to make dinner for my family and I needed the kids to be occupied while I was cooking. As you can see this is an excellent activity if you need to get something done around the house or even for work.

However, it also makes an excellent bilingual activity for you and the kids to play together.

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Creative Activities For Kids: The Language Part

Furthermore, after a short set-up my girls played for an hour while we were talking in our target language (German) about the following:


  • What types of cars we were using while focusing on size and color.
  • How many people specific cars/busses can transport like an SUV or a school bus.
  • How cars operate and why they need gasoline.
  • Why cars are essential to our family.


  • How fast and slow cars can go.
  • What speed is?
  • Fast vehicles (train, airplane).
  • Slow vehicles (scooter, bike).


  • Inside the car – not to open car door while driving. Wearing a seatbelt, while sitting in a car seat. Not to unbuckle while driving and not to distract the driver while driving. And not to throw things out of the car window.
  • Outside the car – not to run in front of a car and holding hands in a parking lot/street. Also, checking the street for cars before crossing it. And wearing a helmet while driving on the street.
  • Obeying street signs like “Stop Sign.” Why school buses have stop signs.

Obvisouply, you don’t need to speak another language to do this activity and you don’t need to talk about all the points I just mentioned. It’s totally up to you.

Also, I love this activity because you can go all out and create a city or just create a road and a few parking garages. It’s entirely up to you and your children.

The Clean up

Besides, this is probably one of the few activities where your kids will enjoy cleaning up. 🙂 They can drive their cars “home.” And removing the tape, easy to remove from tiles, when done playing.

Including your kids in the clean up part will be fun and you can even sing a song in your desired language.


Hint: The best part is you could even leave the street for a couple of days and come back to it while you are cooking.