Color Matching Activity For Preschoolers

Color Matching is a fun activity that you can set up for your children at home in under 5 minutes. Identifying basic colors is one of the criteria for Kindergarten.

This activity comes with a free worksheet that you can download instantly.

Color Matching Activity

Color Matching: Why is it important?

One of the criteria for Kindergarten is that children can identify simple colors like the colors you can find in a rainbow.

It is important for children to be able to identify basic colors in Kindergarten, so they can easily follow the lesson plan. Identifying basic colors will be part of everyday activities in Kindergarten. The more confident children are with color recognition the easier the first months of Kindergarten will be for them.

This is also a wonderful activity to support your children’s dexterity. Pushing the Q-Tips through the hole takes some good fine motor skills. Doing activities like “Color Matching” will strengthen your children’s hands, which will help them with activities like cutting with scissors.

Color Matching Activity

Color Matching activity is a fun game that will help your children to identify basic colors like red, blue, and orange. Follow my step-by-step guide to set up this great activity for your preschooler.

Supplies for the color matching activity:

My supply lists always have links to my favorite products I’m using at home. You can order them online or use whatever you have at home.

Color Matching Activity – Instructions:

  • Find a box you have at home. It has to be large enough to tape an A4 piece of paper on top of it.
Color Match - find an empty box
  • Print out the free worksheet and tape it onto the box. You don’t want the paper to move around.
Color Match Activity - Tape to box
  • Get out as many Q-Tips as you want to use for this activity. I used 9 Q-tips and cut them in half, so I had 18 half’s.
Color Match activity - Q-tips
  • Now, you want to use markers and color the tips in the colors of the rainbow. We used 3 for red, 3 for orange, 3 for yellow, and so on. Let them dry for a couple of minutes. Otherwise, the color from the Q-tip will transfer to the fingers of your children.
Color Match Activity - colored Q-tips
  • Then, you want to use a sharp item (I used a skewer) to push holes into your rainbow. I pushed three holes into every color of my rainbow. So, a total of 18 holes.
Color Match Activity - Push holes through the rainbow
  • Your activity is ready for your children. 🙂

How to play the “Color Matching” activity:

Color Match Activity
  • Give your children the Q-Tips and have them match the colors to the rainbow by sticking the Q-Tips in the holes.
  • Your children can take turns doing so.
  • Or each child can have specific colors dedicated to him/her.
  • Enjoy!

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