Bilingualism 1

Bilingualism, wait what? Bilingualism is when a person speaks and understands more than one language. Two to be exact! 

In the hope that, you are considering raising your children bilingual read more about my own experiences. I will share with you my successful tips to raise your children bilingual.


It is my biggest goal in life to raise my children bilingual. I’m the only person in our household who speaks German to them. So, I have to come up with ideas every day to expose them to the German language. If I wouldn’t expose them to the German language every day I could not guarantee that they would be bilingual at any point in their lives.

Exposure to the minority language

First of all, the minority language is the language they are exposed to the least. As you can imagine that is the hardest one for them to learn. But we can help them by exposing them to that language on a daily basis. I will explain to you how I do it in 8 stress-free steps.

Expose to the majority language

Second of all, the majority language is the language they are exposed to the most. Most kids tend to favor the majority language over the minority language since they feel more comfortable in this language. It is our job to challenge them to help them overcome it.

Bilingualism is all about exposure and consistency

Therefore, if you decide to raise your children bilingual you need to expose them to both languages every single day for great success. Also, you need to be consistent. You can’t stop and pick it up months later. The more you are consistent the easier it will be for you and your children.

Sharing my experiences

In my blog, I will give you tips and tricks how I include the exposure to both languages throughout our daily lives. Consistency was something I struggled with a lot and I will tell you how I overcame this obstacle and what I learned from it.


Elisabeth XXX