Art supply must-have’s for kids! You don’t want to buy your kids or your friend’s children any more toys? Here are a few non-toy art supplies every kid and parents will love!! You can’t go wrong with this list!

Gift Ideas: Art Supplies

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Gift Ideas: Art Supply Must-Have’s for Kids!

This list contains art and craft supplies that everyone must have at home for their children. This list also makes for a great gift idea, especially if you don’t know the kid well enough to buy a toy or don’t want to purchase a toy.

Painting Supplies

Melissa and Doug Drawing Pad

Melissa and Doug – Drawing Pad

Melissa and Doug Drawing Pads are great to have at home for many reasons. You can use them for coloring, drawing, and other art projects. I like the larger size better because it opens you up for more possibilities. More possibilities mean more art project ideas. For instance, we used this pad for our dinosaur activity and it gave my preschooler plenty of space for painting. Also, my kids like to color on the same page and this pad gives them enough space to do so.

Dot Art Markers gift ideas

Washable Dot Markers 

My kids and I love Dot Art Makers. They are such a fun way to paint. I like this brand the best because the paint is washable. We used other brands before and found it hard to wash off the paint. Dot Art Makers make for endless possibilities. Check out my fun ladybug dot art worksheet for one.

Washable Kids Paint Gift Ideas

Washable Kids Paint

My daughter enjoys this paint. It’s easy to clean up and doesn’t stain. We have used poster paint before and it barely came off my daughter’s hands. I much rather have her paint with these washable paints. They come in 6 or 12 count containers. Even though they are washable they do a good job covering painted areas.

Jumbo Brush Set Gift Idea

Kids Paint Brushes

My 1 and 3-year-old daughters love these brushes. They are fun and easy to hold in their little hands. They always wash clean and we can’t be happier with that purchase.

Palette Gift Idea


First of all, this pallet is $0.10. You can’t beat that price. Yes, you can use a paper plate for your paint jobs. But using this washable pallet is a more environmentally friendly option. I got our pallet when I was in college minoring in Art. Now, my kids use it for their paint jobs.

Supply Kits

Slime Kit Gift Idea

Slime Kit

Honestly, I didn’t think this would be a good buy when I ordered it, but my oldest daughter loves slime. I remember being positively surprised when I opened this set. It has so much to offer; slime, glitter, beads, you name it. We have used it for so many different art projects. Just recently we used the styrofoam balls for a playdoh project. I now considered it a must-have set.

Play-Doh Set Gift Idea

Play-Doh Set

We play with play-doh every single day at home. Actually, that is my husband’s favorite activity to do with both kids. My daughter and I make fresh play-doh once a month following my easy-to-make Play-doh recipe. Making your own play-doh is simple and free of toxins.

Slime Kit Gift Idea

Pipe Cleaner Craft Set 

This is a wonderful set for art projects. Your kids will love it. The eyes are good quality and I reuse them a lot. The pompoms are great for sensory bin activities. While the pipe cleaners are so much fun in itself. This set does not disappoint.

Art Projects Supplies

Washable Markers Gift Idea

Washable Markers – Pack of 2

These are the best washable markers out there, especially for this price. And it comes in a pack of 2. When I order them I use one pack for my kids and one pack for birthday gifts.

Washable Crayons Gift Idea

Crayons – Pack of 2

I prefer these washable crayons for my toddler (1yr) because she can’t break them easily. My preschooler loves to use them as well. Now, if you have a dog put them away when your kids are done. Maybe it’s just my dog but she always wants to eat them. Not sure why that is. Just a hint!

Jumbo Glue Sticks Gift Idea

Glue Sticks 

We have been happy with these jumbo glue sticks. I like that the packages come with three glue sticks, so we all have one during projects and don’t need to share. Also, they have been lasting us for over 6 months now and they are still not empty. Great value for a reasonable price.

Bottled Glue Gift Idea

Bottled Glue

Unless you want to make slime I don’t recommend getting a bigger bottle. Otherwise, your child will have a difficult time getting any glue out of the bottle. This package comes with two bottles for under $5. That’s a great price and it will last you for a while.

Construction Paper Gift Idea

Construction Paper

It’s been years since I purchased this pack and we are still not out of construction paper. Definitely worth the price. This paper is not too thick which is great for my toddler and preschooler to cut. Works great for projects and coloring.

Other supplies

Scissors Activity Set Gift Idea

Kids Scissors Activity Pad

Not only do you get good scissors with this set you also get fun activities that will last you for weeks. In fact, we kept most of our activities and reuse them. I think you get a great set for your money.

Sidewalk Chalk Gift Idea

Sidewalk Chalk

I’ve bought different sets before and my kids either broke them or they didn’t work well. We have been using this particular set for two years now and only a few pieces broke. But you get 60 pieces in this box, so you won’t feel the difference. At least, I haven’t yet. 😉