Are you looking for some fun and easy-to-setup activities for your children? My daughter’s and I create new activities on a daily basis. I upload new activities to my Instagram every day and my favorite activities will be added to my blog.

My goal is to set up activities that are fun and where your child will learn a new skill every time. I love to call it playing with a purpose.

In addition, I will add all the supplies you will need for the activities. Some you will find around the house others you can purchase for a reasonable price on Amazon or a store of your choice. But who doesn’t like Amazon? Am I right!

I recommend including your child in the set up and during clean up time. These are important life skills your child will learn just by including him/her throughout the activity.

Furthermore, talk to your child during the activity. Ask lots of questions! Kids need to interact with their parents. There is no better time than during a fun activity.

Tip: Set up activities together and then let your kid take charge. You will be surprised by how creative he/she might be. I gently guide my kids, but I love to let them take the lead.

Happy Play Time!