2 Things You Must Know About Preschool Worksheets!

Preschool Worksheets and what you really need to know about them! Did you read articles of educators stating that worksheets should not be included in our kid’s daily lives? Did you stop using worksheets and struggle to find the right activities for your kids? But what if I tell you it can be a wonderful learning tool if used correctly? Don’t believe me? Keep reading…


Let’s make something clear just for one second. Putting a piece of paper in front of your kid, explain how to finish the task, and then walk away is never a good idea!!! EVER.

1. Preschool Worksheets are not only for kids!

Again, don’t hand your kid a worksheet and then walk away. Use worksheets that are engaging and that can be accomplished in a team effort! And that’s the reason why they don’t work well in school. Because handing a kid a piece of paper with repetitive work (writing the same letter over and over again) without engaging with them doesn’t work!

Would you like to learn like this? No, me neither!

But you can make them work at home! I promise! Just bear with me.

The issue with repetitive work

First of all, why do you think people who have to accomplish the same tasks over and over again at work tend to be unmotivated and some are even depressed? There are a lot of articles that give ideas on how to motivate employees in repetitive jobs.

Experts mention ideas like “give them additional tasks,” “create an exciting work environment,” or “set new goals” to improve their work. See a pattern here? Change things up, add more excitement, and work their brains!!

Transfer this knowledge to our kids

Let’s use this knowledge for our kids.

Print your worksheet and work on it with your kids!

Can’t find a good worksheet anywhere? Education.com offered a free worksheet to my readers. Check out their website for more worksheets.

In addition, you can find some worksheets in my digital library as well.

Preschoolers want to be heard and talked to!

Allow questions

While working on the worksheet talk to your child. Ask lots of questions and listen! I promise you that your kids will soak up every second you work with them on their worksheets.

More importantly, listen to your kid’s questions. They are curious about something and that curiosity will help your kids to learn!

Right environment

Allowing your kids to ask lots of questions and being asked questions will work their little brains and allow them to learn in a fun and judgmental free environment. Kids need this type of environment to learn!

2. Worksheets don’t tie your kids to a table!

Wait… What? No, they do! If you use the right worksheets that allow your preschooler to move around the house.

Let’s use my number hunt worksheet as an example. I gave the worksheet to my daughter and had her cut out the animals. We wrote down the numbers (2 and 8) we were working on.

Then, I hid the animals around the kitchen and my daughter had to find them. When she found the animals she determined what number she found.

When she found the number two she had to find something in the kitchen that matched the number two, such as two forks or two food pouches.

My daughter had an absolute blast with this activity and learned the numbers we were focusing on in no-time while moving around.

Number Hunt!

Conclusion about using preschool worksheets!

Use worksheets wisely. The success of every worksheet lies in your hands. Create a fun and engaging environment and allow your kids to interact with you.

Additional Resources

Now, I do understand that we don’t always have the time to interact with our kids because we have to finish a task. Believe me, I get it. And for that reason, I created the below eBook. Because handing them a worksheet isn’t the right thing to do there are other activities for that.

Check out my free ebook to find more activities for your kids. I created this eBook for kids of busy moms. Every activity can be set up in under 5 minutes.